How to Get Wrinkles Out Of Vinyl Banners


Vinyl banners are an effective way to advertise your business anywhere. When nicely designed and printed, can capture the attention of potential customers and turn them into customers in the long run.

However, they can’t properly convey your brand’s message if they become wrinkled in storage. And this is what makes this article handy for you.

Here, you’d get to know how to get wrinkles out of your vinyl banner, how to keep them clean, and ultimately how to prevent wrinkles from occurring in the future.

Let’s get started!

What is Vinyl Printing?

Vinyl printing is the most common type of signage and banner printing used today. In Vinyl printing, you’d send your sign maker an outline or pattern with colors you’d like to use.

Afterward, the vinyl is loaded into a special machine and will be cut into the pattern you have selected.

Once your Vinyl has been cut, it must be applied to the appropriate surface. In Flex printing, the flex material is generally applied to a medium using heat. While in Vinyl printing, the vinyl needs to be stuck to your banner or sign using adhesive attached to the vinyl material.

This application works more like a band-aid, which needs to have the adhesive covers pulled off before being applied to a surface.

One of the major benefits of using Vinyl is that it allows you to make high-resolution prints, as high as 200 feet, and is more economical.

Vinyl can be used on different surfaces like glass, metals, plastic, etc. While they work well with smooth surfaces, some can adhere to textured surfaces like concrete using a special adhesive.

Although Vinyl printing is widely used today, it is more prone to wrinkling.

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What is a Vinyl Poster?

While Flex material is the most common type of printing used majorly for clothing, Vinyl on the other hand is being used majorly for banners, signs, and similar surfaces to which the adhesive really sticks.

Vinyl posters are made of flexible PVC, and the vinyl applied to them can stick to the poster for a long time without showing signs of wear.

The Disadvantages of a Wrinkled Vinyl Banner

The major disadvantage of a Vinyl banner is that is prone to wrinkles. Your well-crafted copy and branding may be disrupted by the poor presentation of your banner.

This can send the wrong message to your customers and put your brand as one that is unprofessional.

More so, your signage is often the first thing that a person sees as they look at your door or outdoor event or entrance. Having a wrinkled sign boldly paced there may make them pass you by and move to your competitor.

The worst part of a wrinkled Vinyl banner is that it decreases the durability of your banner. Your investment in this signage may have been huge, but storing it in such a way that facilitates wrinkling can increase your overall cost on signage.

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How to Remove Wrinkles From Vinyl Banner

There are two significant methods through which you can remove wrinkles from your Vinyl banner.

The first method is to sun dry your banner. This means you should set up your signage when the sun is up. The gentle warming-up process works out the creases from the vinyl. If you’re in a hurry, applying weights can make this process faster.

The second method is to use a hairdryer. The method works on a similar principle with the first wherein you’re slowly heating up the material so that it works out the wrinkles on the surface.

Use the low heat seeing on your dryer and avoid pointing it at the printed side of the banner. Instead, turn it to the other side and evenly apply the heat to the wrinkled area.

In general, the method of removing wrinkles from a Vinyl banner works by applying heat to the banner to get rid of the wrinkles.

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How to Keep Your Vinyl Banner Clean

Knowing how to keep your Vinyl banner clean can help you reduce the chances of your banner wrinkling.

Dirt and Debris can make it harder to fold your banner and may damage it over time.

A good option is to contact the experts at SleekBlue Media Houz today if you’re in need of production/ printing or design for display banners.

Using mild dish soap and warm water is all you need to get your banner back to its initial production condition. Wipe the surface and clear off any debris.

Rinse off any soap bubbles that remain on the banner once you’re done wiping it down. You may have an easier time cleaning off your display outside on a beautiful, sunny day.

While the banner material is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, it doesn’t mean that it can tolerate harsh chemicals used in commercial cleaners.

Hence, avoid using strong cleaners when cleaning to reduce the chance of fading the colors printed on the Vinyl.

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How to Prevent Wrinkles on Your Vinyl Banner

Do you know that you can totally save the time used for getting wrinkles out of your vinyl banner if you just avoid them in the first place?

It all boils down to the way you store your banner. If you throw it in a corner or shove it on a shelf with no proper arrangements, it’s going to end up with wrinkles all over it.

So, to prevent wrinkles on your vinyl banner, avoid folding the banner when you want to store it. Roll it up instead. It prevents the chances of wrinkles developing while in storage.

The temperature of the storage room is another factor to consider. A hot or humid room may lead to issues as the banner may stick to itself or other materials in the room.

To avoid this, ensure you store your vinyl banner in a cool and dry place.

Adhering to these guides will ensure your banner doesn’t get wrinkles. This way you can save time and focus on other important stuff.


Your vinyl banner is an essential part of your outdoor advertising strategy. So knowing how to get out wrinkles from it is a great way to ensure your brand is portrayed in a good way.

More so, having a wrinkle-free banner is a good way to leave a lasting positive impact.

The best part? You can contact our team at SleekBlue Media Houz if you need design or production/printing for display. You’d be happy you did.

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